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Friday, September 23


Invited talk: Pavel Caha (Masaryk University in Brno)

Default Case in English


Idan Landau (Ben Gurion University)

Strong Quantifiers Resist Argument Ellipsis


Coffee break


Mojmír Dočekal (Masaryk University in Brno)

Equatives and two theories of negative concord: experimental evidence from Czech


Petra Mišmaš (University of Nova Gorica), Franc Marušič (University of Nova Gorica) and Rok Žaucer (University of Nova Gorica)

Lexical prefixes don’t stack. And when they do?


Anastasiia Vyshnevska (KU Leuven)

The comparative in Ukrainian: suffixes, augments, and root sizes




Ivona Ilić (Humboldt University Berlin), Artemis Alexiadou (Humboldt University Berlin)

Silent and overt arguments in child language


Katerina Iliopoulou (University of Crete), Ioanna Kappa (University of Crete)

Exploring Consonant Harmony in Child Language Development and in Language Loss


Silvia Terenghi (Utrecht University)

Monotonic and non-monotonic person categories: New natural classes


Coffee break


Ora Matushansky (CNRS/Universityof Paris8/Utrecht University)

Non-local allomorphy in Russian verbal stress retraction


Poster session 2


Invited talk: Andrew Nevins (University College London)

Topics at the Ethanol-Phonetics Interface


Poster session 2

Alejo Alcaraz (University of Basque Country)

How Noun Incorporation licenses VP Ellipsis in Spanish

Daria Belova (Lomonosov Moscow State University)

Predicate agreement with pronominal conjuncts in Russian: experimental approach

Andreas Blümel (University of Göttingen)

A Labeling-Based Analysis of Nominal Phrases

Nádia Canceiro (University of Lisbon), Carolina Gramacho (University of Lisbon)

Subject-verb agreement in corrective adversative coordinate structures in European Portuguese

Colin Davis (University of Konstanz)

On parasitic gaps, anti-locality, and the distribution of subject movement

Brian Gravely (Emory University)

Accounting for agreement patterns in identificational vs. assumed-identity copulas

Nina Haslinger (University of Göttingen), Alain Noindonmon Hien (Tohoku University), Emil Eva Rosina (Humboldt University Berlin), Viola Schmitt (Humboldt University Berlin), Valerie Wurm (Humboldt University Berlin)

A unified semantics for distributive and non-distributive universals across languages

Young-Hoon Kim (Cornell University)

Morphology of the Auxiliary Insertion in Turkish Complex Verbal Inflection

Chang Liu (Université Côte d'Azur/Université Paris 8)

Raising and Matching in Mandarin Relative Clauses

Jon Ander Mendia (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

The anatomy of some wh-constructions

Aleksandra Milosavljević (SASA Institute for the Serbian language), Stefan Milosavljević (University of Graz)

The switched-situation dative pronominal in Serbian

Marko Simonovic (University of Graz)

Animacy matters: Predictors of sibilarisation in BCMS